Research Committee
Co-Chairs: Lynne Lauer & Cay Ambrose

To join this committee, email Lynne Lauer at 

Objectives for 2013-16: 
Goal Statement: Educate the greater Philadelphia chapter’s understanding of research and evidenced based practice and translating the science of rehabilitation nursing into practice. Greater Philadelphia Chapter ARN will be a leader in building, disseminating and translating the science of rehab nursing into practice.

  • Objectives 1: The chapter will complete and publish a research article. Strategies include:

1.     Attend monthly Special Interest Group (SIG) committee meetings

2.     Rehab Nurse Researchers attend the SIG committeemonthly. Through consultation at SIG group meetings our research nurses members of this committee, (our members) collaborate with the group to educate SIG group on the research process.  This includes identifying a workable research question related to rehab nursing, providing education regarding the process of literature searches,  assisting with completing the Institutional Review Board (IRB) application and Collaborative Institutional Training Initiatives (CITI) program.

  • Objective 2: Increase the number of research activities funded by RNF of the local SIG. Strategies include:

1.     Donation to RNF with Board approval

2.     Support/encourage the attendance preferably of a Research Committee member at ARN Conference:

a.     One member sent by GPC-ARN to the RNF Research Symposium at the National Conference and foster a collaborative relationship with other members.

b.     Research SIG

c.      Research Help Session

3.     Support/encourage attendance at local research conferences

4.     Consult with the RNF and apply for a grant for research project

  • Objective 3: Coordinate and plan fundraisers in 2013 and 2015.

5.     Objective 3:  Coordinate and plan fundraisers in 2013 and 2015. Strategies include:

a.     Planning meetings

b.     Identify and recommend an appropriate donation recipient to the GPC-ARN Board based on a percentage of proceeds of the fundraiser. Donor must be a supporter of individuals with disabilities or chronic illness within the community.


When Does the Committee Meet?

Meetings are held in person or via phone conference

1.      Attendance at the SIG group as needed

2.      Monthly and as needed up to six months before any fundraiser/social