Leadership Committee
Chair: Robin Sheeran

If interested in participating in the committee, please contact Robin Sheeran at sheeranr@mlhs.org. 

Objectives for 2013 - 2016:

Goal Statement: GPC-ARN will prepare members to be experts and leaders in integrating rehabilitation nursing concepts into all areas of healthcare. 

  • Objectives 1: Cultivate leaders in the practice of rehab nursing to assume leadership positions in GPC-ARN and ARN national. Strategies include:

1.     Support chapter President, President Elect or Past President to attend the ARN National Conference twice during their tenure up to $1800 per person per conference.

2.     A stipend will be provided for a member to attend an educational and or leadership conference related to the practice of Rehab Nursing after a year of service to GPC-ARN. An invitation to apply will be sent to the membership in August each year and will be considered by this committee and the board.

3.     Actively recruit non-ARN regional leadership and Skilled facilities leadership to become active members of GPC-ARN.

  • Objective 2: Mentor member to become leaders of GPC-ARN through chapter committee involvement. Strategies include:

1.     Actively recruit chapter members to assume leadership positions as committee members, chairs or board members.

2.     Frequent contact with current GPC-ARN members to solicit participation in chapter meetings and events.

3.     Obtain lists of newly certified CRRN nurses in the GPC-ARN region, recognize them on their accomplishments and invite them to attend the next GPC-ARN event.

  • Objective 3: Facilitate expertise of advance rehab nursing practice through innovative methods and current practice standards of care delivery. Strategies include:

1.     Improve knowledge of rehabilitation nursing issues through an annual educational offering.

2.     GPC-ARN supports a Special Interest Group (SIG) which is designed to enhance professional development, support research, establish standards of practice, and facilitate rehabilitation nursing collaboration. The key work of the SIG gives nurses the opportunity to network, educate, and publish with GPC colleagues. The SIG currently sponsors a working meeting each month. The current topic is investigation of standards of assessment and interventions related to neurogenic bowel and bladder.

a.     Just what does a SIG do? The special interest group is dedicated to enhancing professional development, advocating the standards of practice and defining a forum for interdisciplinary exchange in the field of rehabilitation. The GPC focuses on the areas of Brain injury, Spinal Cord injury and general rehab.  We hold meetings (conference calls) at least four times per year. The goal is to look at areas of advanced practice nursing, and develop a "product". A product might include a poster, position paper or may provide joint research opportunities.

When does the Committee meet?

Meetings are held in person or via phone conference

1.      Attendance at the SIG group as needed

2.      Monthly and as needed up to six months before any fundraiser/social