Government Relations
Chair: Elaine Flynn and

Focus of Committee: GPC-ARN will impact healthcare as a leader in effecting rehabilitation public policy. If interested in participating in the committee, please contact Betsy at or Elaine at

Objectives for 2013 - 2016:

Objectives 1: Increase members’ knowledge, participation and image as leaders in health policy relevant to rehabilitation nursing. Strategies include:

1.     Provide education to rehabilitation nurses related to healthcare reform legislation and health policy through utilization of ARN Health Policy Toolkit, ARN website and expert resources

2.     Advocacy and participation by ARN Government Relations Committee members and GPC members at regional and national events supporting ARN goals (examples:  Spring 2013 Capital Hill Day, Brain Injury Awareness Day in Washington, D.C., meetings with local and state Representatives, etc.)

3.     Enhance education of Government Relations Committee Member(s) by encouraging attendance at Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI), creating additional leaders in the GPC.

4.     Encourage ARN members to apply for NIWI scholarship from ARN National.

5.     Annual chapter meeting dedicated to Government Relations topic


When does the committee meet?

Ad hoc