Catheters and Money Donated to Karen Reed's Community Work

GPC-ARN first heard met Karen Reed at the national conference in New Orleans in the fall of 2015. She was the founder’s address speaker that captured the attention and hearts of the audience including members of the GPC. She spoke about how the Rehab nurse has an impact all over the world. She is a professor at the University of Florida College of Nursing in Gainesville, FL. She also travels to Cambodia on missionary trips and teaches there. Many individuals in the US donate books and medical materials for her work in Cambodia. She pays out of her own pocket to bring over the donated books and supplies and joked about how she often uses donated catheters as packing material in the boxes. She pays out of her pocket or relies on donations to pay to ship boxes and boxes of books for her students to Cambodia. At the Board meeting in December 2015, the board voted to donate the money raised from the basket raffle at our social to Karen for her international rehabilitation nursing work. When the board sent the check to Karen, it was mailed in a large box filled with donated catheters as “packing material”. Most of the donated catheters came from ReMed. Karen is extremely grateful for the monetary donation, catheter donation and the good laugh the box provided her.

Have a suggestion for a cause that GPC-ARN could support? Reach out to a board member with your idea – we would love to hear from you about those doing impactful work in the rehabilitation community.